Musician and performance artist from Germany, Holger Maik Mertinwas in Istanbul with Kunststiftung NRW residency.

For over ten years, he was a lecturer for “Practical Musical Studies” at the University for Music and Dance Cologne; he played with many artists including Eberhard Kranemann one of the founders of electronic music pioneer Kraftwerk.

We met at Barın Han, where he did a space-sound performance titled “Our Analog Me” to talk about it and on his take of Turkish music. With an exclusive performance…

I leave the link of their album with Jaki Liebezeit here .

Production: Sedef İlgiç

Director: Sezen Yeniçeri Can

Camera & Edit: Yağmur Güneş

Jingle: Ceren Gündoğdu

Special thanks to Barın Han’a teşekkürlerimizle…

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