Inside The Ring Artist Book
Published in cooperation with Paper Street Co.
Photographs, Kopsept and Design: Ceren Saner
Project Text: Sailesh Naidu
Journal text: Ceren Saner
21 x 14.8 cm
68 page
Cover: 300 gr Granite
Inner Papers: 120 gr matte coated
Text Language: English

Every year for three days border_less ARTBOOK DAYS aims to bring artists, galleries, initiatives and institutions that have publications and work with texts together.

I would like to introduce a book to you, that you could find border_less ARTBOOK DAYS this year, taking place on May 26-28, both at the Paper Street Co. and Artist book space ska stands.

Istanbul born,Berlin based visual artist Ceren Saner's first artist book “Inside The Ring” brings together a selection from her current series of photographs and videos, starting with moments from Berlin.

The book takes it's name from the "ring bahn" the train route that is a circle around Berlin. At the same time references the boxing ring. As she states at the Kaos GL interview, photographs are always "the way to survive" for her.

The artist numbers the book that is published with 300 editions and contains sections hand-sewn by her. These stitches leave traces on the photographs at the reverse side of the pages.

The artist tells the sewedsections are her self-portraits and she sums her preference of this design as “sewing herself to the city”. She says, “And this can be expressed as a bond for myself in a place where I do not have a feeling of belonging, to create a trace from me to survive.”

The artist leaves the needle she sews the sections with in that edition. Thus, the viewer could be a part of the process and she remarks the sewing has not come to an end yet.

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