The fifth of istanbulberlin Encounters is with DJ, producer, and curator İpek İpekçioğlu aka DJ İpek who embodies the colorfullness of the two cities she lives, İstanbul and Berlin within herself and brightens them with her music.

We talked about the cities she takes inspiration from and lives in, Istanbul and Berlin, her eclectic music and how she fills the dance floors around the globe with electronic sets, also playing songs with Turkish lyrics.

Electronic music indeed is cold. Always 4/4, always four on the floor, a music that does not embrace any cultural elements. I thought, 'we live as so many immigrants in Germany, we love electronic music so much but why can we not hear our languages, why can we not write our own songs, lyrics and hear our poems?'

Production: Sedef İlgiç

Director: Sezen Yeniçeri Can

Camera and Edit: Mehmet Sine & Yusuf Kerem Tokgöz

Production Assistant: Çağla Vera

Jingle: Ceren Gündoğdu

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