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istanbulberlin @ BOOKFEST Digital!

istanbulberlin is attending to BOOKFEST, organized by Frankfurter Buchmesse, that is the big international cultural festival, with a programme of an hour!

The interviews come together with the theme Istanbul.

The program will be will be livestreamed on YouTube, buchmesse.de and istanbulberlin Facebook page on 17th October 2020, 23:00 — 23:50 CEST.

Details on the programme is below in the broadcast order:

Sedef İLGİÇ: istanbulberlin: A Space For Encounters

"istanbulberlin: a space for encounters” is founded six months ago, in order to link up the vivid culture and arts scene in Istanbul with the global, to keep a record of time and to contribute to the acculturation between Turkey and Germany. The one hour istanbulberlin programme at BOOKFEST consists of seven interviews, that is moderated by Sedef İlgiç, that are interconnected with the theme Istanbul.

Kaya Genç: Istanbul as a City of Escape

1930 ve 1940’larda İstanbul Alman entellektüellerin Nazizm’den kaçıp sığındıkları bir şehirdi. Yazar Kaya Genç, Alman dilbilimci Erich  Auerbach’ın da İstanbul’da yaşadığı bu dönemi, göçmen krizi sırasında günümüz İstanbul’uyla bağlantılı anlatıyor. 

Burhan Sönmez: Istanbul: Over and Underground

Istanbul is depicted in various ways in Burhan Sönmez’s novels. In Istanbul Istanbul, translated to 40 languages, there are two Istanbul’s: one as overground, one as underground. In Labyrinth, the streets of the city turn into a labyrinth. From the fictional Istanbul to the reality today.


Please join author Ayfer Tunç in a small neighbourhood bookshop in Kuzguncuk, to meet Osman, the main character of her new novel to explore the meaning of belonging to a neighbourhood and how the elit neighbourhood culture changed since the foundation of Turkey.

Şebnem İşİgüzel: Following the Steps of Women Writers

In societies where the system crushes the women the most, author Şebnem İşigüzel thinks of diamonds. She says women have a power that is formed with oppression just like the diamonds taking shape underground, under pressure. And this power shines in literature. On being a woman and a woman author in Istanbul today.

Irmak ZİLELİ: Women Walk the City 

Are the streets safe for women today? What did it take to be a woman walking the city, to be a flaneuse? Author Irmak Zileli answers these questions, giving hints about the gender roles in her novels.

Jörg Karrenbauer: Remote Istanbul  

There is a new play in town by the German theater company Rimini Protokoll at Kundura Stage! In this play the audience is remote controlled to walk the city. Jörg Karrenbauer, who has adapted the play to 54 cities, talks about his experience in Istanbul streets.


Journalist and author Ulrich Gutmair came to Istanbul from Berlin with a project. He is on the trail of Istanbul’s music, from Cem Karaca’s German language album The Kanaken to Nekropsi. Well, punk is dead not. 

istanbulberlin BOOKFEST Programı
Prodüksiyon: Sedef İlgiç & Sezen Can
Kamera ve Kurgu: Yağmur Güneş & Murat Can Özel

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