The last one of the interviews we produced to air at Bookfest of the Frankfurt Book Fair is at last on air on YouTube.

Journalist and author Ulrich Gutmair came to Istanbul from Berlin with a project. He is on the trail of Istanbul’s music, from Cem Karaca’s German language album The Kanaken to Nekropsi. Well, punk is dead not. 

One hour long programme in the broadcast streaming order from here .

Hope you would enjoy watching:

First aired at the BOOKFEST Digital programme that Frankfurt Bookfair organizes.


Sedef İlgiç & Sezen Yeniçeri Can

Camera and Edit:

Yağmur Güneş & Murat Can Özel


Ceren Gündoğdu

Special thanks to Nekropsi for the permission to use their "Die Neueu Papa": Nekropsi, Die Neue Papa, Sayı 2: 10 Yılda Bir Çıkar, A.K. Müzik, 2007

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