Starting from this week, the interviews first aired at Frankfurt Book Fair's BOOKFEST will be available at istanbulberlin Youtube page.

First one of these is with the author of The Lion and the Nightingale Under the Shadow (2016) & An Istanbul Anthology (2015), Kaya Genç .

In the 1930s and 40s, Istanbul was a city where German intellectuals fled from Nazizim and took shelter. Author Kaya Genç connects that era when German philologist Erich Auerbach, along with others, were living in Istanbul, with the contemporary Istanbul during the refugee crisis.

Hope you would enjoy watching:

Sedef İlgiç & Sezen Yeniçeri Can

Camera and Edit:
Yağmur Güneş & Murat Can Özel

Ceren Gündoğdu

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