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Melike İnci: A New Era in Literature

Istanbul based novel and short story writer Melike Inci joined conversation on the effect of coronavirus.

A short story collection named Struggle in Spider's Web followed Melike Inci's three novels.

How are you affected?

Coronavirus coincided with an era where in my life there had been many changes, that made me understand I am capable of making many things on my own in my life. It is as if I have more time to stop and think. From this point I cannot say it is very negative, however, I missed my family and friends badly.

What will change in your country or the world?

It was impossible for the publishers to experience the difficulties in other sectors.

The imagery of the agenda is so strong that I am sure a new era will start in literature as well.

There would be strong works coming out from this agenda. However, my real expectation is on the works that would be written after the adaptation to the "new normal".

What do you hope to change?

It is a hard question to answer. It is hard to see how it really affects once we are still in it, however, I will not ask anything to be different once all is over.

Whatever we experience is valuable as experience itself is by its own one of the most precious.


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