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Konsept, Metin & Yönetmen: Stefan Kaegi

Metin/Beden/Ses: Thomas Melle

2018, 60’

The robot that is produced as a copy of the German author Thomas Melleis on stage!

He is reflecting on his situation: What does it mean when a robot copy takes the place of the original? He also talks about childhood memories and experiences.

Uncanny Valley © RiminiProtokoll

The play takes its name from the concept "uncanny valley". That indicates relationship between an object's degree of the mimesis to human and emotional responses. It offers a viewing experience where the line between human and machine becomes indistinct.

Director of the Rimini Protokoll theater company Stefan Kaegi put the robot performance on stage in 2018; now could be watch online at Kundura Stage website.

Uncanny Valley © RiminiProtokoll

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