Bjärn Melhus, SUGAR © Bjärn Melhus

VIDEONALE.18 - Festival for Video and Time-Based Art
Festival program: March 4 to 6, 2021
Exhibition: March 4 to April 18, 2021

The three day festival for video and time-based art is opened with an extensive programme and an exhibition .

Time-based arts stand for all art branches that are in relationship with or in need of time as performance, sound art or film and video.

Ida Kammerloch, Resusci Anne © Ida Kammerloch

It is the 18th edition this year, selected from 1900 applications, 31 works will meet the audience. The theme of the festival is "Fluid States. Solid Matter" works with the ideas how liquefying firm constellations can have an effect on our being-in-the world. The works show that the shaping of future utopias is made possible not by exclusion and demarcation, but by forging new alliances and solidarities.

Eli Cortiคas, Walls Have Feelings © Eli Cortiคas

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