I met Nazlı Çiğdem Sağdıç Pilcz, aka Dj Funshine while working at Kalem Agency. She was a Spanish-Turkish interpreter who wanted to translate books. We worked together as she translated works by Manuel Vilas, Laia Jufresa and Jorge Zepeda Patterson into Turkish.
After living in Istanbul for many years, Nazlı with her own words "went after love" and moved to Munich.
Last couple of years she turned her direction from being a Club Dj to play in Events, with her colorful personality and music she played in many important fashion & celebrity events, company celebrations, chique weddings & parties all around Germany and Europe.
When she said she would love to make a playlist for istanbulberlin, I was very happy. I present the playlist with her introduction, hoping you would enjoy and even dance to it...

Istanbul and Berlin, for me the most beautiful cities in the world. Such a sweet chaos, multilingualism, multi-religion, no religion, cultural richness, ultra richness, hunger… Love of contrasts…

So I recorded a mix-tape for you with the same substantiality these cities deserve.

With the Uzun Ince Bir Yoldayim from Asik Veysel played with the bells of Laurenskerk Church of Rotterdam and the voice of Marlene Dietrich making us float on the sky of Berlin, with a mini commemoration for Florian Schneider and for sure Kemal Sunal… Spies are watching us while our Kurdish sister Ebow whispering poems in our ears…

How can be possible a compilation of Istanbul Berlin without the velvet interpretations of AlIin Gun, Gaye Su Akyol and 2raumwohnung?And did you know that Cem Karaca made an album in German? Or that David Bowie wrote the song Heroes under the shadow of Berlin Wall? What about the underground story of the legendary techno Dj Ickarus?

And after all we are welcomed to dance with my lastly favorite Turkish & Sephardic Band, Light in Babylon and saying goodbye with the ‘Letter from Germany’ written by Özay Gönlüm, interpreted by Bedirhan Gökce…


1. Aşık Veysel – Uzun İnce Bir Yoldayım

2. Marlene Dietrich – Ich hab’ noch einen Koffer in Berlin

3. Señor Coconut – Showroom Dummies

4. Kemal Sunal’ın Polizei filmi açılış diyalogu

5. Voilaaa feat. Sir Jean – Spies are Watching Me

6. Ebow – Egal Was Ist

7. Altın Gün – Yanıyorum

8. Cem Karaca –  Es Kamen Menschen

9. David Bowie – Heroes / Helden

10. Paul Kalkbrenner – Train

11. Gaye Su Akyol – Gamzedeyim Deva Bulmam

12. 2raumwohnung – Weil es Liebe ist

13. Light in Babylon – Canim Benim

14. Bedirhan Gökçe – Almanya Mektubu (Özay Gönlüm)

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