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Pınar Derin Gençer: The Unbearable Lightness of Not Having to Catch Up

Founder and creative director of Istanbul Performance Artand performance artist Pınar Derin Gençer answered my three questions about the times we are passing through.

How are you affected?

I know that when managed well, we have strong souls that pandemic cannot absolutely dominate our feelings.

I see this as a process of experience, that is both educational and temporal.

At these kind of traumatic times, instead of creating a tragedy for myself, I focus on how I can nurture from it and what I can transform it to. In this stage when I live the unbearable lightness of not having to catch up, I continue to produce re-experiencing to stop, to listen and to feel.


Like our lives, the art world also changes its form.

Sustainability has always been a problematic phenomenon in the art world but with the pandemic the ways of sustainability will be again reviewed.

It depends on the point of view, whether this new form is for the better or the worse, and it is hard to foresee the conditions to come, but for "that moment" it would be a better condition. We all know that the art world is shaking economically. In this period, in countries like Germany that has a budget for their artists the shake will be milder. Obviously, not only the disease but also the economical conditions we have to bear makes life harder.


This process is surrounded by shocks, sufferings, pain, dramas, traumas that are not overcame, griefs that are not morned, deaths, things that are hard-to-say and that leaves miserable records on the memory that is wrapped in secrets. I hope that it would create a common-conscious / unconscious which is a common property.

I hope to be able to continue dreaming.

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